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Mon - Sun ~24 hours

Buy PokerStars Chips - NEW Lower Prices

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Sitting NOT required to receive chips. We can now send chips even if you are not sitting at a table or logged into PokerStars. Each purchase of 1 Million chips or more is eligible to receive FREE Bonus Chips.

PRICES MAY CHANGE DUE TO SUPPLY AND DEMAND. has given away over 547.25 Million in FREE Bonus Chips!!!
- This total is updated monthly

How To Buy PokerStars Chips:

Just click on the live support button and an operator will walk you through the quick and easy process of buying chips. If you would like to pre pay for chips when there are NO operators online use the Buy Now button above. After placing an order send a message to providing us with your email address and PokerStars ID. Please be patient as we are not always able to monitor orders and fill them instantly. All orders not filled within 72 hours will be refunded.

How To - Buy PokerStars Chips

1. Click on the buy now button for the amount you would like to buy and complete the checkout process.
2. Once we have verified your transaction has been completed we will send your PokerStars chips.
3. Have FUN and GOOD LUCK!!!

Bonuses For Buyers:

- All buyers receive The Beginner's Guide to Online Poker for FREE
- All buyers receive The Insider Secrets of Online Poker for FREE
Please request the download link after your order has been completed if you wish to receive these FREE ebooks.

Poker Stars Real Money Prices

250k PokerStars Chips - $3.50 Dollars

500k PokerStars Chips - $6 Dollars
1 Million PokerStars Chips - $10 Dollars ( 50,000 FREE Bonus Chips )
2 Million
PokerStars Chips - $20 Dollars
3 Million
PokerStars Chips - $30 Dollars
4 Million
PokerStars Chips - $40 Dollars
5 Million PokerStars Chips - $48 Dollars ( 100,000 FREE Bonus Chips )
6 Million PokerStars Chips - $57 Dollars
7 Million PokerStars Chips - $66 Dollars
8 Million PokerStars Chips - $75 Dollars
9 Million PokerStars Chips - $84 Dollars
10 Million PokerStars Chips - $90 Dollars
( 200,000 FREE Bonus Chips )


- We never sell chips at rates higher than those listed above -

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